In this day and age, there are mousepads for everything, but with the help of Softgarage, we're able to specialize in high-quality mousepads designed for the collectors.

We're able to offer realistic live-sized oppai and oshiri mousepads made out of the best materials which are put together in Japan by highly skilled workers.This is a mousepad featuring the cute Nitroplus mascot Super Pochaco. The illustration is by Nitroplus’s master illustrator Santa Tsuji himself. This mousepad features a suntanned black bikini wearing Super Pochaco sticking her plump ass out for you to feel while you use your mouse and for added realism, her sexy T-Back bikini thong can be removed.Features a unique illustration done by master illustrator Santa Tsuji specifically for this mousepad.

Price: $450
Size: W470mm × H620mm × H90mm
Weight: 4000g (5000g)
Material: M.J. SuperSoft 2.0, 2-Way Tricot