This is a new Life-Sized Mousepad featuring the art of Yom of Miru Tights fame, from the excellent Kuro Bunny artbook. This purchase is for the illustrated tail version.

In this day and age, there are mousepads for everything, but with the help of Softgarage, we're able to specialize in high-quality mousepads designed for the collectors. We're able to offer realistic life-sized oppai and oshiri mousepads made out of the best materials which are put together in Japan by highly skilled workers.

This is a life-sized butt mousepad featuring a bunny girl from the Kuro Bunny artbook. The illustration is by popular tights artist Yom himself. This mousepad features an illustrated bunny tail. It's frankly the ultimate bunny girl mousepad!

This is a preorder scheduled for release in June 2021.