Realistic Mousepads

What makes our mousepads special?


Full of Wonder and Mystery

We’ve unlocked a new level of realism and enjoyment. Each mousepad is carefully engineer to recreate the human form, allowing you to enjoy a shapely ass or supple breasts with realistic physics.

Crafted with the Highest Quality Silicon

Our parts uses M.J. brand silicon which is the highest quality silicon used in model and mousepad production. It will blow your mind.

Superior Design

Some might ask, "What’s the point of making a mousepad that’s so large?" We refuse to compromise on realism, even if some call our mousepads a joke or nonsense. At our heart is the passion of the artists who design and assemble each mousepad.

Our artisans bring the finest materials with superior design. They carefully consider the art to find the best balance of visual and tactile experience. Our high resolution printing allows for super smooth gradients to accentuate the curves and give amazing depth to every soft crevice. These elements heighten your sensation and feel over every inch.

100% Handmade in Japan

The city of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture is a town of artisans and craftsmen. That’s where our mousepads are created.  Each one is handmade by pulling the beautifully printed cloth over the painstakingly manufactured silicone pieces. Each mousepad is rigorously inspected to ensuring the feel of every unit is perfect before we send it to you. The end result is a feel that you can only get from one of our life-size mousepads.