Our friends over at Softgarage have a new erotic oshiri mousepad for us based on Iyanakao Sarenagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai (Iyapan), by artist 40hara. This amazing mousepad features the nun Maria Takayama showing her ass, with an extra-special feature: both her tights and her panties can be pulled down, partially exposing her bare ass.

The mousepad is truly an achievement in otaku ero culture, a giant full-sized mousepad that provides excellent wrist support we all need. But instead of just serving as a normal mousepad, you can pull down both her tights and her panties any time you like, exposing her ass. It's the perfect item for fantasy fulfillment! These mousepads use the company's M.J. brand silicon which is the highest quality silicon used in model and mousepad production. Our mousepads uses 2-way Tricott fabric which is the same fabric used in premium hug pillow covers. Both "cheeks" are made using separate large silicone pieces, and a separate softer material is used for the crotch region, to make it accurate to the touch. Note that while you can partially pull down the panties and tights, they can't be removed completely.

Important Note: in the photos the panties are colored purple, but in the final product they'll be colored yellow, to match the original 40hara illustration.

© 40原 / Softgarage