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Koakuma Kanojo - Elena 2.0 See Through Tits ver.

Here's a mousepad that will keep your wrist ergonomically supported and get your blood pumping nicely too. This is a real size oppai mousepad featuring Elena, the one of the lewd heroine of Koakuma Kanojo (Little Devil Girlfriend) by awesome ecchi artist Hisasi. Custom hand made and using only the best materials, this is a very comfortable mousepad with realistic soft breasts for your hand to rest while using your computer. This is an exciting computer accessory for those who like to... "keep it real."This new and improved mousepad uses the new silicon "SuperSoft2.0," which is softer but at the same time heavier than previous versions for a more realistic oppai feel and cover is made from smooth 2-way Tricot.

**Preorder starts from 1/18 to 2/3/2019**

©2019 Hisasi/キルタイムコミュニケーション/ピンクパイナップル 

Price: $280
Size: W380mm × H450mm × H130mm
Weight: 1400g (3000g)

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Ayame Amasaki - Real Eroge Situation

In this world, there are oppai mousepads for "casuals" and then there are the full sized oppai mousepads made by Softgarage, the amazing company in Shizuoka Prefecture who has developed the most realistic live-sized oppai mousepads ever. High quality materials are put together in a workshop in Japan by highly skilled workers. The feel of the silicon's softness and the fabric's smoothness. All of these come together to create a unique product that's exquisitely pleasant. This mousepad is of Ayame Amasaki from the popular eroge called Real Eroge Situation. You'll love using the mousepad, and touching her soft G-Cup breasts.

**Preorder starts from 1/18 to 2/3/2019**

©2019 自宅すたじお 

Price: $360
Size: W380mm × H450mm × H110mm
Weight: 1800g (3500g)

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Yom Tights 

Yom Tights illustration ver. 

Yom, the king of tights illustrations in Japan, is back with a limited life-sized mousepad with an original illustration. The most incredible points of the real tights version is that it includes separately sewn white panties and luscious black tights that you can touch and feel any time you like.

The illustration version is a more affordable version of the mousepad but doesn't include real black tights and white panties.


Mousepad Details

Price: $360
Size: W380mm × H450mm × H110mm
Bust Weight: 1800g (3000g)
Material: M.J.Supersoft, 2Way Tricot

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